Sunday, July 28, 2013

Snap Happy - Safe Travels (Freebie)

Freebie time again! Summer usually means travel, so what better way to send off you family and friends with this lovely card?

Small Print: This image is for personal use only! You may also post it on your own blog if you wish, just make sure to link back to me - thanks!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Etsy Venture - What's been happening lately?

So, the last time I gave a status update about my wee little shop was when I hit the three-months mark. That was about a month ago and oh how many exciting things have happened since ...

On the day of the aforementioned post I made my first sale to a dear friend of mine and I made my second sale which is also the first not-a-friend-but-a-complete-stranger-hit-the-purchase-button-sale this Monday.

Rikki from Digital Scrapbooking - Tips und Anleitungen used one of my photos for an awesome design which she featured on her blog - go here to check it out!

Slowly but steadily my photos have started to be included in treasuries and the recently curated Medieval Age treasury resulted in this lovely image getting a whole lotta love aka hearts from admirers.

Oh and apropos treasuries - I recently discovered Treasury Pin which is an amazing tool to pin a treasury to your Pinterest boards. Feel free to have a look at this board which shows off treasuries I've been featured in.

The buttons I had on various blogs in the past two months were a bit of a bust. I did get views in my shop, but I could count them on one hand. Good thing I've won the ad space and didn't pay for it!

I'm a tiny bit addicted to Etsy forum threads where you post your favorite item from the shop owner that last commented. Not only are these a fun way to find new shops, it also resulted in lots of traffic to my shop and, again, a whole lot of new admirers of my photos.

That's all for now, folks! And of course I'll keep you posted about all the news in my shop in the future.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Chrys Designs Jewelry (Update)

One of the many Etsy shops I love to frequent, well, quite frequently is Chrys Designs Jewelry which I presented you back in April (how time flies). Yet again I indulged in two grab bags, because one ain't never enough (for me anyway)!

Where to go? Chrys Designs Jewelry

What to buy? Mystery Jewelry Bag

What does it cost? $15 plus shipping

The more the funner is my motto. Thus two grab bags again. As previously I asked no rings to be included, but I additionally requested no items with birds on them as I'm not overly fond of those (which you've probably noticed by now). And, once again, I received an amazing variety of goodies!

Eight Necklaces (various styles) / Five Pairs of Earrings (various styles)

Verdict? One could say I'm addicted to grab bags and rightly so. But who could blame me? You can't beat the value here, plus I rarely ever received an item I didn't like. Besides, stocking stuffers are always welcome! Here's to next time *cough*.

The Lucky Dip - Designs by Peeno

I love new shops as much as the next (curious) person, but there's nothing that beats stopping by your favorite places again every once in a while. Been here before, had to come back. Who could blame me?

Where to go? Designs by Peeno

What to buy? 4 Item Grab Bag Sale

What does it cost? $12 plus shipping

What's it all about? According to the listing this lot includes 4 assorted items from my past seasons. Your grab bag will include 4 random items, necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc [...] and it's easily a $40-60+ value.

Content? Just because these items are "last season" doesn't mean they didn't put a smile on my face when unpacking. What a lovely surprise which even included one of those trademark soldered glass pendants, plus one extra item too.

Colorful Feathers Necklace / Green Hammered Necklace / Mexican Style Necklace / Golden Feather Earrings / Floral Ornament Earrings

Most favorite item? That must be the green hammered necklace in the middle - great statement piece!

Least favorite item? Not really being my colors, the feather earrings get a thumbs-down from me!

Value? Basically you pay for one piece and get the rest "for free", so we're talking about great savings indeed!

Verdict? Once again I'm more than happy with my purchase here, especially the unusual OOAK necklaces always win me over!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Mibbi Design (Update)

Sometimes it's too hard to resist and I simply have to grab some more grab bags *giggles about the word play* and one such case has to do with the lovely haul I bought from Mibbi Design last month!

Where to go? Mibbi Design

What to buy? Lucky Dip / Goody Bag (large) and Lucky Dip / Goody Bag (small)

What does it cost? £5 (large) and £2,50 (small) all plus shipping

While I bought three grab bags of the larger variety last time round, I figured why not throw in a couple of the smaller ones too? Wouldn't want to miss out on anything good, would I? This makes, let's quickly do the math, six lucky dips big'n'small and a whole lot of fun unpacking too.

£2,50 Lucky Dips - Bag I: Blue Bow Hairclip/Brooch and Crystal Earrings / Bag II: Paris Travel Necklace / Bag III: Only You Necklace (above)
£5 Lucky Dips - Bag I: Bambi Bangle, Rose Fabric Ring and Fabric Button / Bag II: Shabby Chic Brooch, Bird Bracelet and Fabric Button / Bag III: Letter Star Necklace, Dotted Fabric Ring and Fabric Button (below)

Verdict? I knew why I came back for seconds, because these goody bags are a real treat! Lots of things I am greedily going to keep for myself and a few which I might even share with one of my readers *wink*. Of course now I'll have to restrain myself, 'cause otherwise there won't be anything left for anyone else.

The Lucky Dip - Sparkly Shamrock

Sometimes once just isn't enough. Its a bit like going to a fabulous restaurant again, because you liked the food so much. Why go on a diet when you can treat yourself to some sparkly goodies, right?

Where to go? Sparkly Shamrock

What to buy? Grab Bag Special

What does it cost? $15 plus shipping

What's it all about? Each grab bag will be filled with 5 random pieces and Linda will try her best to make your bag as diverse as possible. The items are worth at least $50, but quite possibly a lot more. You will not get any themed items. So don't be afraid you'll end up with a lot of Harry Potter inspired things if you're not into that.

Content? Just like last time I received a wonderful variety of pieces, ranging from necklaces to earrings, plus one extra item as well. Sweet in every sense of the word!

Yellow Rose Necklace / Fluorite Necklace / Purple Bracelet / Wooden Bracelet / Candy  Bead Earrings / Candy Sprinkle Earrings

Most favorite item? Do I really have to choose? Let's call it a tie between both necklaces which I both adore!

Least favorite item? I'd say the Candy Sprinkle Earrings which are cute, but more for younger semesters than yours truly!

Value? Amazing! 'Nuff said.

Verdict? Obviously I wouldn't have returned here if I hadn't loved my previous purchase so much. If you love my haul I suggest you dash over before the last bag is gone!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Snap Happy - I heart you!

I like this one. You like that one. One of the many things that make my adventures in photography so much fun is viewing my pictures through your eyes. Without further ado, and some more surprising (at least to me) than others, I present you the run down of the current Top Five in my shop ...

A Lion's Heart II

The Secret View (tie with Sun Moon Stars II)

Sun Moon Stars II (tie with The Secret View)

On a Rosy Day

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Getting Crafty - What kind of (crafty) hobby should you take up?

How about some crafty distractions today? I don't know about you, but personally I am quite fond of quizzes. They might not always be accurate, but they are always fun!

You Should Take Up Jewelry Making

You are a unique person, both on the inside and outside. You love to show of your creative style.

You enjoy variety and new challenges. You're always looking to shake things up a bit.

You are constantly changing, adapting, and remixing. You entertain yourself by reinventing yourself.

You can be a bit of an attention seeker. You don't want anyone to forget about you.

You Are Photography

You are a very observant person. You can't tune out the world around you, so you pay careful attention to it.

You prefer to be the one who blends into the scenery, so that you can totally appreciate the scenery.

You tend to see things that other people miss. You have an artist's eye. You can turn anything into art.

Photography is the perfect hobby for you because you can just hang back, watch, and create.

15 Shades of Sephora Giveaway (Open WW)

15 Shades of Sephora Giveaway

Coconut lick worthy lipstick has me dreaming of the beach. I feel it is a perfect time to giveaway 15 Shades of Sephora. Enjoy from LeChateauDesFleurs:
15 Shades of Sephora 
What it is:
A collector’s edition of iconic lip colors spanning 15 years.

What it does:
This lip library includes everything from rich reds to natural nudes all in Bite’s lick-worthy Lush Fruit Lip Gloss formulation. Instant nutrition for lips, this formula contains the same healthy ingredients you’d find in a pure fruit smoothie: real coconut, mango, and strawberry infused with seven nourishing fruit oils for a tropical concoction delicious enough to eat. Rich, vibrant, and juicy, this modern formula is highly pigmented—what you see in the container is the color you’ll see on your lips.

This set contains:
- 15 x 0.06 oz Lip Gloss 

Rain Shadow Labs
Rain Shadow Labs provides the highest quality wholesale cosmetics. They offer lotions, washes, cremes, candles, soaps, gels, essential oils and so much more.

I want to highlight an amazing moisturizing product this week from Rain Shadow Labs the ARH Hyaluronic Acid Serum, 98% natural/72% organic (whole foods).
Rain Shadow Labs
Hyaluronic Acid makes up fifty percent of this high quality formulation. Holding up to 1000 times its weight in water and drawing moisture out of the environment and onto the surface of your skin, there is not a more effective moisturizing agent on the world market today. Non-comedogenic, penetrates deeply, and activates collagen production for a fresher, younger, firmer, brighter complexion.

The giveaway is available for both US and International entrants.
Please see official terms and conditions in above Rafflecopter.