Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Lucky Dip - The Wish Forest

I've been secretly admiring this shop's gorgeous artwork for literally months now. But, as you know, there is a right time and place for everything, including shopping. So imagine my delight when I suddenly saw a surprise pack available here!

Where to go? The Wish Forest

What to buy? Surprise Art Pack

What does it cost? $35 plus shipping

What's it all about? With this listing you can get yourself a selection of my art at a great value, consisting of these fabulous items: 8x10 inches art print, 5x7 inches art print, ACEO print, Original ACEO drawing, Handmade blank cards with envelopes (2 pcs), Gift tags (2 pcs) with an original value of $75!!

Content? Granted, you don't know which of the many available prints you'll get, but seeing how I am smitten with pretty much everything in Amalia's shop that was a "risk" I happily took. Was I disappointed with what I got? Of course not!!

"Return to Me" Print / "At the Meadow No. 1" Print / "Rose in Dreams" ACEO Print / "Little Nymph" Original ACEO / Two Greeting Cards / Two Gift Tags / Bookmark

Most favorite item? That's a tough one ... I'd say the large print is my favorite of the lot, but the rest really isn't that far behind!

Least favorite item? I have to say, it's even harder to point a finger at what I don't like, so let's say the greeting card not shown in the photo (as it's in the same envelope as the one with the girl and owl)! Easy way out, eh?

Value? Great compared to normal prices, though if you're not that crazy about the ACEOs, I do recommend buying prints separately.

Verdict? If you love Amalia's art as much as I do and if you're one who likes surprises, this is the grab bag for you!

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  1. it's not something i really fond of but i do admit it's well done