Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Mibbi Design

Without my constant search for interesting grab bags I would most certainly miss out not just on great bargains, but also never get to know the loveliest shops. All things pretty? You bet!

Where to go? Mibbi Design

What to buy? Lucky Dip / Goody Bag

What does it cost? £5 plus shipping

What's it all about? Each bag has contents worth at least £10 – many are of value £13+ and are filled with either 1 higher value item, many contain 2+ items, some 3 ...! Contents may include (but not limited to) earrings, rings, brooch, necklaces, locket, bracelet, hair accessories.

Once again I figured why buy one when you can buy three? A decision I certainly do not regret!

Content? All my lucky dips were individually wrapped which means I can present them this way below. As to the content I received mostly necklaces which is perfectly ok with me. Plus there was a cute fabric button in each bag which, as I'm going to assume, is a small extra and not an actual item.

Bag I - Alice in Wonderland Necklace / Gold Star Necklace / Fabric Button

Bag II - Antiqued Locket Necklace / Fabric Button

Bag III - Branch Necklace / Ornament Ring / Fabric Button

Most favorite item? I was instantly smitten with the gorgeous locket from Bag II as I love the vintage look!

Least favorite item? Contrary to what some of you might assume, that's not the necklace with the little bird (which I actually find rather charming), but the ring from Bag III.

Value? A truly sweet deal!

Verdict? I am more than happy with every single one of my goody bags! Great for treating yourself and/or a friend to a lovely surprise!

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