Sunday, June 16, 2013

Snap Happy - Let's talk about copyright!

I guess we'll all agree that pictures spruce up blog posts quite a bit. Seeing how I love to play around with my camera it goes without saying that most, but not all, photos published here have been taken by myself. I realize that not every blogger is camera-savvy and some can't focus on a motive if their lives depended on it, but - and I cannot stress this enough - this doesn't mean you are free to roam the internet and simply use any pretty picture you find on your own blog.

Bottom line is that you have two possibilities - either you snap your own pics OR you resort to free stock photography. Basically, anything else puts you at risk of someone reporting you for copyright infringement, and believe me, you don't want that to happen!

That said, you probably wonder why you find so many photos on other blogs that don't cite any sources and have apparently been copied from somewhere off the web. Well, many just don't know that this is asking for trouble and others simply don't care, figuring that chances are infinitesimal small of anyone finding out. Still, this obviously doesn't make things right!

Respect the artist's work and don't steal it! Of course it doesn't hurt to ask, and many photographers or illustrators will even allow you to use their work as long as you mention who created it and/or link back to their own website.

Familiarize yourself with a website's FAQs! There are sites who will allow you to share some of their content, be it text and/or photos. Comply with their rules, eg linking back to the original post, and you're all set.

Protect your own work! I've seen so many photos on blogs that show no watermark or anything that would make it possible to track its source. Stealing those is way to easy, so put your stamp on it. Even if you have nothing against other people sharing your images, I'm sure you wouldn't mind that people who find it elsewhere can at least track its source.

Stick to Stock Photography! If you aren't handy with a camera or if you need a photo you couldn't make yourself for one reason or another, use stock photos instead. Apart from sites that will charge you, there are also some great ones completely free of charge. One of my favorites (also used above) is FreeDigitalPhotos which gives you access to thousands of photos and illustrations.

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  1. Very helpful post. I must admit I've been confused about some of these things. :)