Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting Crafty - Let's get cozy (again)!

A little while ago, all right that was already back in February, I shared a couple of books from my cozy mysteries stack with you. As I've been in quite a cozy reading mood lately, I now present to you a few more mysteries for equally crafty minded folks!

A Killing in Antiques (Mary Moody)
Treasure hunting is not for the faint of heart. Luckily, Lucy St. Elmo, owner of the Cape Cod antiques shop St. Elmo Fine Antiques, has more than enough heart. What she needs to improve are her tracking skills-or else the wrong man could be convince of a one-of-a-kind murder.

A fresh and witty first in a series revolving around antiques shows!

The Diva Paints the Town (Krista Davis)
When Sophie's neighbor-a reclusive professor-dies, his final wish is for the Domestic Diva to throw a dinner party in his honor, and he's planned everything down to the letter. But what no one planned for is the corpse of a student that Sophie finds in his house.

Classic who-dunnit with a decorative twist!

String of Lies (Mary Ellen Hughes)
Parker Holt has started gobbling up properties housing small businesses in town, and Jo worries that her Craft Corner shop will be next. But when she arrives at Holt's home to learn his intentions, she finds him dead – the victim of an insidious electrical trap.

A light cozy for everyone who likes some beading to go with it!

Cookie Dough or Die (Virginia Lowell)
No one is more shocked than Olivia when prominent business owner Clarisse Chamberlain is found dead. It was Clarisse who encouraged Olivia to open The Gingerbread House—and she was one of her best customers. The sheriff is ready to call the case a suicide, but Olivia's convinced there's a murder to solve.

A not quite crafty but definitely cookie-licious mystery!

Organize Your Corpses (Mary Jane Maffini)
Charlotte's new job has her digging through years of accumulated junk to find some important documents. Instead she finds her client, the meanest teacher in town, dead under a pile of the debris that plagued her. And there's no end to the list of suspects-starting with Charlotte herself.

A breezy and engaging first in a series for the organizationally challenged!

Did you get your crafty read on lately?

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  1. God, the themes they come up with! Beading, organizing, what comes next?