Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Shop Lune

And I discovered yet another lovely shop in my weekly search for grab bags! Again, we're venturing into the land of cute jewelry which, come to think of it, I do more than other categories. I'll try to better myself. But oh, look ... sparkly jewels!

Where to go? Shop Lune

What to buy? Medium Handmade Mystery Bag

What does it cost? £15,50 plus shipping

What's it all about? According to the listing this grab bag will contain an assortment of jewels (earrings, necklaces, bracelets & rings) and we also give you an opportunity to select a theme or trend, [...] cos we know every girl is different (ex: grunge, bohemian, vintage, girly, cat lady, etc).

Content? Customizable mystery bags are always fun and I decided to go for a vintage theme. When I received my surprise I certainly wasn't disappointed as two of the four pieces I received definitely fit the theme, while the other two are maybe a bit more girly, but that's all right as they are real cute too.

Cameo Necklace / Cameo Ring / Leaf Necklace / Pearl Earrings

Most favorite item? I've got a secret passion for cameos, so needless to say, the cameo necklace and ring set is my winner!

Least favorite item? Not all too surprisingly the little pearl earrings with the birds come in last, because (you must have noticed by now) I am not really fond of birds!

Value? Great, especially seeing how all pieces were from the current shop selection!

Verdict? A sweet treat for myself, though I dare say you'd make someone happy gifting such a grab bag too!


  1. oki i'm not fond of teh cameo but i took note of your passion now^^

    but the earrings are my favourite piece from this bag without a doubt

  2. I love lucky dips/mystery bags. Great price for this too,

    Thanks for sharing :)