Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Paper Gangster

How about sprucing up the apartment walls a bit? Seeing how I love books, going for vintage dictionary prints were the obvious choice for me.

Where to go? Paper Gangster

What to buy? 25 Prints for 10 Dollars Surprise Oops Pack

What does it cost? $10 plus shipping

What's it all about? Not the typical grab bag, this one features seconds of the slightly messed up variety, because sometimes when working with a printer we slightly mess up, and since we only ship the best we have lots of almost perfect prints! They might be slightly miss aligned or printed with the paper upside down but are still frameable! 

Content? As stated in the listing I received 25 prints with (allegedly) minor flaws, but trust me, in most cases you don't really notice why the print didn't pass quality control! Admittedly I have bought such a pack before and they seem to get better and better every time, or maybe I'm just saying that because my inner bookworm and tea drinker is delighted with all those Alice prints!

Many many prints ...

... and even more prints

Most favorite item? Hands down the Alice in Wonderland prints shown off in the second photo!

Least favorite item? The whole Creatures of the Sea lot isn't really mine!

Value? A truly fantastic deal, especially seeing how you'd normally only get two prints at that price!

Verdict? If you love dictionary prints and are on a budget this is definitely the kind of surprise you should invest in!

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