Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Handmade Jewellery Magdalene

Once again I managed to stumble upon a grab bag of the jeweled variety. You know me, when it sparkles I am always game to indulge in a surprise!

Where to go? Handmade Jewellery Magdalene

What to buy? Mystery Grab Pink Bag Jewellery

What does it cost? £10 plus shipping

What's it all about? Magdalene is offering various grab bags in her shop, this one filled with 6 items: earrings or a pendants,bracelet, rings or if you are really lucky, a set. The value will be between £15 - £19 [...] It will be a FUN lot of goodies and very well worth the price.

Content? Imagine my joy when I received my thick fat bundle of goodies in the mail. One look alone I I knew there must be more than just six pieces and as it turned out I received eleven (unless you count the set as just one, then it'd be ten). A colorful mix if I ever saw one!

Amethyst Necklace / Landscape Jasper Heart Necklace / Floral Ring / Hematite Heart Necklace & Earrings / Little Bunny Earrings / Pink Dangle Earrings / Yellow Bracelet / Drop Dangle Earrings / Grey Bracelet / Pearl Earrings

Most favorite item? That must be the gorgeous amethyst necklace (which I gave my Mom on Mother's Day and yes, she was thrilled about it too)!

Least favorite item? Admittedly the drop shaped dangle earrings really aren't my style at all!

Value? One word. Bargain.

Verdict? This turned out to be a great pack for gift giving purposes and who doesn't need stocking stuffers every now and again?


  1. i'm in love with the pink dangles earrings so cute
    and i'm so glad you made your mother happy ( mine isn't into jewellery so i took her to teh restaurant since i didn't have any books for her ( she read too quickly so i need the authors to write faster^^)

  2. Who can blame your Mom for being thrilled? Wow- that is a gorgeous necklace!