Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Etsy Venture - Give me your heart!

A really nice touch on Etsy is how you may like a shop and/or product by giving it a heart. Somehow this has a much nicer ring to it than the ever-present thumbs-up you come across elsewhere. That being said, while hearting something does not equal a sale, it still gives you a good idea about what people like in your shop and consequently clues you in on what apparently hasn't met anyone's taste (so far).

As I'm pretty sure you're curious about the most favorite images in my shop, here's the Top Three ... of course, in case you should feel that different images deserve just as much love (and hearts), feel free to go ahead and heart away on your personal favorites!


  1. i love your pictures of flowers^^;;

    1. Thank you, miki! The flower photos seem to be the most popular overall!