Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Chrys Designs Jewelry

One of the first shops I came across in my ongoing search for grab bags proved to have quite a potential for addictive behavior. Or maybe it's just my curiosity plus the happiness factor when I received my first order? Either way, a third purchase is basically around the corner!

Where to go? Chrys Designs Jewelry

What to buy? Mystery Jewelry Bag

What does it cost? $15 plus shipping

What's it all about? According to the listing each mystery jewelry grab bag contains at least 3 items (sometimes more) valued at a minimum of $40 and it may contain a selection of antiqued brass jewelry, golden brass jewelry, gold plated charm necklaces, semi precious stones with gold plated chain, plastic stud earrings, adjustable brass ring with plastic flowers, glass rhinestone jewelry... 

Content? Being (a bit) customizable, I asked that no rings be included as I don't wear those that often. So necklaces and earrings it was. Aplenty. I swear, when I unpacked my little box I nearly fainted. "At least 3 items" meant "at least 6" as I ordered two grab bags. I received ... let me take a deep breath ... 14 pieces of jewelry!

Seven Necklaces (various styles) ...

... and seven Pairs of Earrings (various styles)

Most favorite items? Let's split this decision in half - I adore the necklace with the gold plated branch and the blue stone, plus the cute aqua-colored earrings which, I think, might be Amazonite!

Least favorite items? You see, I really haven't got a thing for birds, so I nominate the birdie necklace. The windmill earrings make a close second (despite being wingless, ha).

Value? Are you freaking kidding me? To call this a bargain would be the understatement of the year!

Verdict? This hasn't been my first purchase in this shop and trust me, it won't be my last either. Amazing variety and lovely designs, what more could a girl want?


  1. lovely yes! my favourite necklace is teh same as yours i do like the one that looks like a firefly wings too
    earring the pendent with blue stone then the one with teh red cristal ( i'm not fan of big one like the first one in teh picture)