Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Etsy Venture - If you want it NOW, you shall get it NOW!

Etsy made this gal a very happy camper with its newest feature. Until now selling digital image files meant that the buyer had to wait for the seller to get up (think different time zones), check their e-mails and finally send out the file they purchased. Of course some sellers are using third-party applications which also offer immediate downloads, but after looking into this I figured I'd rather save some money and do it the old-fashioned way. Then, one fine morning, an Etsy newsletter sat in my inbox and lo and behold ... there's a new delivery process for digital files available now!

Basically this means that while setting up listings I pick the digital file option and upload up to five files. The purchased listing will be immediately available for download once payment was successful. Needless to say, I'm beyond thrilled about this! Not only is this a great time-safer, it will equally make buyers happy that they won't have to wait for their order to arrive in their inbox!

Plus, as another positive side-effect ... it's not unheard of that some people think that despite several warnings all over the shop and in each listing, that they will receive an actual print. Apparently some folks read the title, skim the text in the listing, and jump straight to the box at the bottom of the page informing them that shipping is free. Let's just say, things could get pretty ugly from then on (not as though it ever happened to me, but I read some not-so-funny stuff in the forums). Now there's written "download immediately" all over the listings page and the shipping info box is gone as well. Can't get much safer than that! Hopefully I didn't jinx it by making that last statement *cough*.

To find out more about the new feature, also check out the FAQ on Etsy!

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  1. i'm really glad they improved the system that way, it will be better for you ^^
    i wish you a lot of success