Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Etsy Venture - The first sale ...

My Etsy shop has been open for two weeks now and snooping around frequently in the Etsy Forums I knew that making your first sale often takes time. I do wonder when mine will hit ... sometimes it happens within days then it might take months. I'd obviously prefer the days-scenario, ha. Frankly though I didn't expect a sale so soon anyway, so you could say my expectations have been met *woot*.

Of course this doesn't keep me from preparing the next batch of photos to list (all I'm saying is that now that spring has finally decided to show up my camera got some much needed work-out this week) or to have fun blogging about my crafty life or (most importantly) to get word out. In the end, it's all about making yourself and your shop visible to create as much traffic (which hopefully maybe lead to a couple sales) as possible.

That said - a wee reminder about the Grand Opening Giveaway which you may still enter until Saturday! And if you don't quite see yourself winning anything, because you never seem to get lucky in giveaways, how about using GRANDOPENING to receive 20%-OFF in my shop? This coupon code is valid until the end of the month.

Obviously this isn't all. I am now also looking for opportunities on other blogs, maybe a feature here, a giveaway there. Like I said, promotion is absolutely essential if you want to get on people's radar. I have found many a great Etsy shop that way, so why not be the one to be discovered for a change?


  1. Brilliant, Birgit. Congrats on your first sale!

    1. All right, I guess I didn't make myself clear on that one :-D but I'm still waiting for my first sale. Darn ... it does read as though I made a sale! Wishful thinking, ha. The point is that I didn't expect one so soon anyway which is why I'm not starting to panic yet.