Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yarn Tales - Knitting some pretties!

When you're on a roll and a skein of yarn is too beautiful to resist, what's a knitting enthusiast to do? Why, grab some needles and get going, of course.

As much as I'm a newbie to knitting I am already pretty much set in my ways too. That means, I like to knit the kinds of things that have proven to be easy and rewarding. In other words, anything scarf-shaped with thick needles.
Linie 313 Valparaiso Yarn (80% Acryl, 10% Mohair, 10% Wool / 100g - 70m / 3,5oz - 76yds)
Size 15 needles (US size 19)
How to
This loop scarf is finished in practically no time. I cast on 15 stitches then knitted in what I already consider my favorite pattern, namely Seed Stitch (aka Pearl Stitch) until I used up the whole skein of yarn. For more detailed instructions check out my last Yarn Tales post.

Chunky loop scarf
20cm/8in width and 60cm/24in circumference

And you can rest assured this won't be the last scarf I knitted with this particular yarn. Just too darn pretty! Needless to say, a couple of the other available colors are already on my wishlist too.

Do you love knitting scarfs as much as I do?


  1. See, if I find a yarn that is irresistible, I fill my cart with it and add it to my stash of 'someday to be blankets'.

    Blankets can be easy- big, but easy!

    1. In lack of storage space I can't follow in your footsteps when it comes to buying yarn, but if I could, I would, trust me.

      I agree, blankets are, technically speaking, easy to knit. As long as you use bulky yarn it should be pretty fast too.