Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Nicola Rowlands

You could say I've been getting curious about quite a few shops lately, courtesy to the temptation called  grab bag. Lured in by the fun and definitely different greeting cards, I simply had to hit that order button ...

Where to go? Nicola Rowlands

What to buy? Lucky Dip

What does it cost? £10 plus shipping

What's it all about? The content of the surprise goody box is worth £25, containing at least 5 products from my shop. You will receive a hand-selected lucky dip, and your gift box could contain any of these items: Drawstring bags, Prints, Pocket manfriends / pocket girlfriends, Original drawings, Cards, Stickers, Textile items, Pillows, Jewelry, Pocket mirrors, Ornaments.

Content? I had already admired the quirky greeting cards in the shop, so I was happy to find a whole set in the box I received. Add a wild mix of other items, all featuring Nicola's trademark illustrations, which gives this lucky dip a great variety.

Greeting Card Set / "One Man" Limited Edition Print / "Two Men" Coaster / "Capybara" Ornament / Stickers

Most favorite item? The coaster. As someone who's always clinging to a cup of tea, this isn't just neat but practical as well.

Least favorite item? Admittedly there are two items I'm not all too thrilled about - the capybara ornament and the limited edition print.

Value? A great assortment at a really good bargain price!

Verdict? As for me, I am quite content with my surprise. Stuff for myself. And gifts aplenty. 

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