Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Magasin

If there is one thing I'm not than it's being averse to shopping outside of my comfort zone. All right, that probably raises one or two question, so let's just say that up until now I thought of my grandma's living room decoration when someone mentioned cross stitch.

Honestly, why did I ever feel that way? Not a chance I'd share my haul with grandma!

Where to go? Magasin

What to buy? Lucky Dip Cross Stitch Jewelry and Accessoires

What does it cost? £2,00 plus shipping

What's it all about? The listing states that each lucky dip bag contains one item of cross stitch jewelry or accessories made by myself. Contents can contain - rings, earrings, badges, brooches, pocket mirrors ...

Obviously, and this is something I always end up doing, I couldn't just order one, so three it was. Considering the price, who could blame me?

Before I even had a chance to open my three grab bags my eyes already fell on the gift Sarah included for me - an Initial Pin and a Mail Pin! Not only is that a lovely gesture, those pins are just so sweet too!

Content? Wrapped up individually there really was no telling what may hide inside, and when I opened the three grab bags I was surprised by two pairs of earrings and a ring. See how the former are attached to old playing cards? Love that idea!

Nautical Earrings / Heart Earrings / Chevron Ring

Most favorite item? That must be a tie between the nautical earrings and the chevron ring.

Least favorite item? The heart earrings, mostly because the color combination isn't really to my taste.

Value? Amazing! I mean just go ahead and check how much such items would normally cost!

Verdict? Looking for some sweet little treats for yourself and/or a friend? This is the place to go.

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