Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Litte Mo and Friends

Can you ever be too old to indulge in sweet sentimental gifts? Of course not! So how was I to resist the adorable temptation this shop from Down Under has to offer? Impossible, really.

Where to go? Little Mo and Friends

What to buy? Little Mo Surprise Mystery Bag

What does it cost? $20,00 AUD plus shipping

What's it all about? Helena promises that each bag contains lots of art goodies! You might get some prints, a paper doll set, some writing stationery or a notebook, a tote bag, calendar or one of my wearable art pieces. Each mystery bag varies in size and weight but it will definitely be valued more than the price you pay!

Silly me didn't take a picture of the lovingly wrapped grab bag, but trust me, it was almost too pretty to open it. I did however include the illustrated card I received with my package in the photo below - so sweet and I always love such personal touches!

Content? My grab bag held all kinds of pieces of the printed-on-paper-kind. I admit I had secretly been hoping to maybe find one of the cute necklaces or even a tote bag inside, but still - I did received a variety of different things which gives you a real good idea of what's on offer in the shop.

Greeting Card / Writing Set / Pocket Calendar / Note Card

Most favorite item? That's no secret to those who know me - I do love calendars after all!

Least favorite item? The note card as I'm not that much of a cat person.

Value? While I did expect more than just four items, I must in all fairness add that the value of the content really exceeds the price you pay by quite a bit.

Verdict? If you love the adorable illustrations and have a hard time making up your mind (as do I) then I can only recommend giving one of the grab bags a try!

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