Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Dyfal Donc

If you asked me if I had any regional preferences when it comes to shopping on Etsy, I'd have to admit I do have a soft spot for European shops. And luck would have it that I grabbed a few surprises lately which all originated in the UK.

Now, let's have a cuppa and read on ...

Where to go? Dyfal Donc

What to buy? Lucky Dip Bag No.1 and Lucky Dip Bag No.2 and Lucky Dip Bag No. 3

What does it cost? £4 and £8 and £10 plus shipping

What's it all about? According to the listings bag no.1 consists of a Necklace, a Brooch, a Ring or it could be a Necklace and 2 Brooches; bag no. 2 is filled with either a Necklace, a Brooch, a pair of Earrings or it could be a Necklace, a pair of Earrings, a Keyring; and bag no. 3 holds a Cotton Tote Bag, a 12 Mini Sticker Pack, a Set of 4 Magnets and three Sets of 2 Badges.

You know how it is, why only take one when you can have all three?

Content? As different as the three grab bags are, there is an underlying "heart" theme, which admittedly I'm personally not overly fond of. Maybe a not-so-lucky dip? Read on.

But before I even get started on what was inside my little bags, I must say I was already delighted by the Alphabet Initial Pin Button that was included as a gift, yay!

Bag I - Heart Necklace (the word "serch" is Welsh for "love" or "affection") / Leaf Brooch / Bird Ring

Bag II - Heart Necklace / "Key to your heart" Keyring / Button Earrings

Bag III - "Open my heart" Tote Bag / World Map Magnets / World Map Pins / Flower Pins / Teeth Pins / Stickers

Most favorite items? From Bag I it's the cute brooch, from Bag II the sweet little button earrings, and from Bag III the magnets and pins made of world maps (I do love to travel after all).

Least favorite items? In Bag I that's the heart necklace. From Bag II it's both the heart necklace (again) and the keyring, because as mentioned above, the hearts aren't really up my alley. And in Bag III it's those pins featuring teeth, yuck!

Value? You do get your money's worth and then some.

Verdict? Are you a fan of shabby chic? Then this is definitely for you! Admittedly I will be using most of the items for gift purposes, but that's perfectly ok.

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