Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Lucky Dip - The Bloomin' Cute Boutique

While I usually gravitate towards jewelry on Etsy, I do like cute accessories too. When I saw a mystery listing which promised both cuteness and hair accessories, I was good to go ...

Where to go? The Bloomin' Cute Boutique

What to buy? Grab Bag Sale

What does it cost? $25 plus shipping

What's it all about? A 9x13" shipping envelope which will be filled with everything from hairclips to headbands to shoe clips to other random beautiful things of every color. And Juliette promises to fill it really well!

Content? I was amazed at how many items had been packed into my grab bag! Honestly, I didn't expect to receive so much and this certainly made up for the fact that shipping took a while (all right, let's blame it on the Christmas season, because I bought it around that time last year).

Three Hairbands for Adults / Three Headbands for Babies / Thirteen Hairclips

Most favorite item? The super cute white/yellow rosette hairband is the winner for me!

Least favorite item? I'm not all that fond of the green polka dot bow. Add the set of three baby headbands is something which I simply do not have any use for.

Value? Talk about a bargain!

Verdict? I'm more than happy with my purchase! Most of the pieces are keepers and additionally I now have a nice supply for gift purposes too!

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