Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Etsy Venture - Welcome to the Postal Bermuda Triangle!

Looking at all my Etsy orders that "got lost" in the mail recently, I'd say that receiving an empty disemboweled envelope earlier this week was definitely the cherry on the cake! The thing is that over the years I rarely had things disappear in the Postal Bermuda Triangle, but this is getting ridiculous and tastes a bit too much like a coincidence if you ask me.

Thinking back over the last two years I can count on one hand the things that never made it to my doorstep. In fact, only two incidents come to mind, and in both cases it was not an order but a prize I had won from Etsy shops and nothing got lost in the mail, because the sellers decided that the free PR on the blogs, where I had entered and won the giveaways, was great yet they didn't feel like actually sending out a prize, thus ignoring me and/or the blogger. Let's call these folks Black Sheep Sellers from now on!

Then, around Christmas last year, things started going awry. Stuff got lost, one by one. The first time I just told myself, these things do happen after all, if only once in a blue moon in my case. The second time I figured it was just a stroke of bad luck. And totally unexpectedly the sellers in both cases were kind enough to send out a replacement prize because I never received the initial package. Honestly, this is nothing I had expected or would even have asked for! Of course then it happened a third time and again the seller insisted on sending a replacement, but that never arrived either. I fear the moment when that seller asks whether I had now received my prize. I'll probably hide underneath the covers and not say a word, because the last thing I want is for her to send another package into the hungry abyss known as the Postal Bermuda Triangle.

I guess it shouldn't have come as much of a surprise when my own orders started disappearing as well. Feeling awful about the whole experience is something both buyer and seller will go through. It's as much fun to contact a seller, telling them the bad news, as it is receiving such a message from a buyer. If you think a root canal is fun, that is. So far I've only had wonderful experiences with accommodating sellers who were really nice about the postal disaster and for that I am truly thankful.

Bottom line is that with my track record I wouldn't want myself to shop in my shop, if you know what I mean. I can only hope that this run of bad luck is finally coming to an end rather sooner than later. I mean is it really to much to ask for receiving my goodies and saving sellers from that kind of trouble? Guess not.

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