Sunday, March 17, 2013

Snap Happy - Happy Spring! (Freebie)

I decided to post a free printable greeting card on the blog each month. These will for obvious reasons not be available at the shop, after all you can get them for absolutely free here. Yet there is another reason too, namely the fact that I made the original photos in a smaller size than the ones I am going to offer on Etsy. How'd that happen? I was a bloody amateur in the beginning. Not thinking ahead, apparently. Either way, why let some perfectly great photos go to waste? Even more so, why not share the love? And better still, why not give them away for free?

Starting with this month, which is admittedly a bit late, then again, spring itself is a bit of a no-show too, I present you the first freebie ...

Small Print: This image is for personal use only! You may also post it on your own blog if you wish, just make sure to link back to me - thanks!

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