Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Flapperdoodle

If there is one thing I love even more than anything handmade then it must be the additional thrill of a surprise. Needless to say I rarely pass by the chance to get my hands on a grab bag aka mystery pack on Etsy. It's not just fun but usually a real good bargain too!

As I know that many are as curious as myself, but might be a little hesitant about buying a pig in a poke, I decided to share my little (or not so little) Etsy grab bag splurges with you ...

Where to go? Flapperdoodle

What to buy? Mystery Grab Bag // 1920s Flapper Surprise

What does it cost? $15 plus shipping

What's it all about? According to the listing each grab bag contains a minimum of $25 worth of flapper doodle goodies!! You might get two mini art print sets, or a set of flash cards! Maybe a paper doll set and note cards, or even an original drawing or painting! It might be worth $25 or $100!

Greedy little me had to buy two and as they were individually wrapped I can show them off one by one.

Content? The two grab bags couldn't be more different, but I really like that. Of course I'm going to assume that Kate packed them in a way that I would not receive any duplicates. Some of the items included are currently being offered in the shop, while other goodies have apparently been discontinued.

Pack I - Flapper Doodle Recipe Cards / Three 4x6 Art Prints: "Eve", "Beach Beauty" and "Under the Misteltoe" / Small Original Drawing / Pendant

Pack II - Plush Flapper Large DIY Doll Kit / Two 4x6 Art Prints: "Flapper Girl" and "Eloise in her Dressingroom" / Flapper Doodle Mini Paper Doll Set / "Reflection" Pocket Mirror

Most favorite items? From Pack I it's hands down the original drawing and from Pack II it's a tie between the large DIY doll kit, which is such a cute idea, and the lovely pocket mirror!

Least favorite items? In Pack I that would have to be the recipe cards, and that's solely based on the fact that I'm not big on cooking, and from Pack II the small paper doll set which I don't have a use for.

Ok, that sounds as if the art prints were caught somewhere in the middle, but trust me I love those too!!

Value? A sweet deal!

Verdict? Let's just say I am awfully tempted to buy a couple more of these mystery packs. If you love the delightful Flapper theme as much as I do, I say go for it!

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